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You can be the IT hero for your company. Carolinas Cloud can help you get:

  • Happier employees with less IT frustration
  • Happier customers with better service and possible reduced pricing
  • Happier IT with reduced stress, easy scalability, compliance, automatic backups and software patches with our Managed IT Cloud Services
  • Happier Management with lower TCO and ransom-ware sandboxing with a budget-friendly monthly fixed fee. Plus, see above.
  • Learn how smart hybrid cloud technology and great customer service can unleash your people by letting them do what they do best
  • That is how Carolinas Cloud can help your organization increase your success. Let’s talk to see if there is a fit?

How Does Cloud Services Help My Bottom Line?

  • Enables your team to achieve your goals with our Cost-Effective Managed IT Cloud Solutions
  • Your employees need a reliable and effective computing environment to do their jobs. If your systems are down, you are wasting payroll dollars as your business process comes to an expensive and frustrating halt.
  • Murphy was right. Your IT systems will go down. Even worse, they seem to go down at the worst possible times.
  • Our cloud provides you the high caliber expertise and the level of redundancy that a small or medium-sized business just cannot afford to buy, maintain, and keep updated.
  • We offer a predictable monthly IT investment. No more expensive IT budget-busting surprises.
  • There is a new state-of-the-art business Cloud in Charlotte. This cloud is redundant (for disaster avoidance) and run by experts who care.

Keep Your Team's Eye On the Ball

  • Everything made by humans will eventually break, be broken, or fail.
  • The Cloud’s multi-layers of cost-effective redundancy helps your business run smoother and with less interruption.
  • Our goal is to keep your systems out of sight and out of mind with our always current technology, great customer care, and business-focused highly cost-effective solutions.
  • Unreliable or too expensive IT systems cost you money in wasted employee payroll and the opportunity cost of missed customer revenue.
  • Simply stated | We help you keep your team servicing your internal and external customers effectively, reliably, and consistently.

Key Business Questions to See If Your Company is Ready for the Cloud

If you can answer yes to more than two of these questions, let us conduct a free analysis and provide a business goal focused quote of your company.

Key Question: Are you facing a significant IT infrastructure change or experiencing questionable bottom line affecting IT downtime that you are not sure is justified?

Key Question: Have you been told that you need to consider a computer infrastructure “refresh” or in need of a major upgrade?

Key Question: Are you considering hiring an additional person to maintain your computer network?

Key Question: Do you currently have a Wide-Area-Network (WAN)?

Key Question: Are you having trouble hiring and keeping qualified IT personnel?

Key Question: Or do you have a unique situation?

Why Partner with Carolina Cloud Services?

We want to be considered a valued partner to your organization. Think of us as an extension of your staff, because we are.

We want to learn about your business. Better yet, we have the experience to keep asking the “what if” about your business. It is what all valuable and effective professionals do.

Keeping our-eye-on-your-ball. Our focus is your corporate goals and objectives. If we focus on your goals, our goals are achieved as well.

If we do our jobs, we will be out of sight and out of mind, so you and your team can focus on your customers and goals.  As professionals, we will also keep you informed of new technology to help keep you ahead of your competition and providing, even more, value to your customers.

When you combine:

  • our expertise
  • our state-of-the-art and fully redundant data center located near SouthPark in Charlotte
  • our always current best practices
  • our business acumen and valued experience
  • our expert cost justification, ROI-focused, and value-focused price points
  • and our desire to help you meet and exceed your corporate goals

You will find we are your best choice in the North Carolina, South Carolina, and Charlotte market.

Next Steps…

Call to schedule an informative initial meeting to discuss your situation, your plans, your business goals, and your roadblocks to successfully achieving your business goals. Then ask for a free analysis of your infrastructure by one of our engineers with a written assessment and a tour of our facility.

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